Last Updated: May 7, 2023 中文版本

We fully understand the importance of data security for every user. In order to reassure you about using Numpkin, we have prepared this article for you, explaining how Numpkin protects your bill data and ensures the security and reliability of your bills when sharing with friends.

Firstly, let us introduce the registration process of Numpkin to you. In Numpkin, registration is automatic and does not require you to provide personal information such as email or mobile phone number. This protects your privacy and prevents the disclosure of your personal information.

When you start sharing bills with friends, the Numpkin app will automatically generate an encryption key locally. This key is used to encrypt the bill data, ensuring that only you and your friends can view the contents of your bills. Next, the encrypted data will be sent to Numpkin’s servers.

When you want to share your bill with friends, you only need to generate a QR code containing the key and a join passphrase. Once your friends scan this QR code using Numpkin, the bill key will be saved on their devices. Then, with the join passphrase, Numpkin will request to join the share from the server. Once the server verifies the request, your friends will be able to access the encrypted bill data.

Finally, Numpkin will use the previously saved bill key to decrypt the bill data, allowing your friends to see the bill information.

It is important to note that in the entire process, the encryption key is only propagated between you and your friends via QR code and not uploaded to the server. Therefore, no one other than the friends with whom you have shared the QR code can view your plaintext bill content.

We adopt such measures to ensure that even if Numpkin’s database is leaked, hackers can only see the encrypted data and cannot associate it with your personal information. Throughout the encryption and decryption process, users do not need to perform any operations, as Numpkin will automatically do this for you.

At Numpkin, your privacy and security are always our top priority. We hope this blog post helps you understand how we strive to ensure the security and integrity of your shared bills. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy sharing!